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Oberinglinger Str. 13
86859 Igling
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Beleuchtung by Alipta is an effort to wrap up oneself in a scented world of our imagination – the magical, soft glow that transforms a fluorescent-lit room into one of mystique and a tinge of artistic traditions from my land INDIA.

All my Candles are hand painted without any stensils. I like the freedom of using wax colours with free hand and to express myself through the motifs of my Candle.

The designs are inspired from Indian Life symbols and Architecture, thus resembling various emotions of life cycle.
I believe that I meditate when I paint these Candles, and believe that they are a source of energy.

So here I am trying to recreate the rhythmic flickering with an aura of Indian art styles. My efforts in this field are my own way of paying respect, modestly and humbly, to the rich cultural traditions of my country INDIA. My art is my way of staying close to my roots and reliving our rich culture. All the candles and glass are 100% hand-painted with the most intricate details.