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Dr.J.Köllenspergerstrasse 8
39011 Lana South Tyrol
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AIRZAG duvet aerator
Fresh air for your bed

No time in the morning to properly air your bed? No problem! The AIRZAG duvet aerator will help you keep your bed linen fresh every morning. It’s really quick.

Every minute is valuable in the morning! Do you nevertheless vow to air your duvet in the fresh air? The practical AIRZAG bed aerator will help you out without great expense. AIRZAG freshens up your bed right on the edge of the bed.

There are some things that you will never want to forego again. AIRZAG is one of those innovative household helpers. This practical bed aerator has what it really takes for a hygienic and healthy bed airing – the ideal prerequisite for restful sleep. A human being spends an average of a third of their life in bed. While sleeping, the brain processes new knowledge and new experiences and creates solutions to problems. Sufficient oxygen, a cool and dry room and a well aired bed can therefore significantly contribute to rest and well-being. With the AIRZAG bed aerator, you will get the freshness right in your bedroom and keep dust mites in check.

A fresh, properly aired bed is the ideal prerequisite for a restful and healthy sleep and hygienic sleep environment. When you hang up a duvet on an AIRZAG, fresh air gets to all sides of it. Body-warmed bed sheets do not remain on the mattress. The moisture can escape freely from the bed linen and the mattress. Airing a bed with AIRZAG will make your sleep healthier.



  • AIRZAG - Bettlüfter

    AIRZAG - Bettlüfter

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