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Via Campania 28/B
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone
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Acetaia Montale Rangone own its prestige to the love and passion our family has always had for Balsamic. Since the second half of 1800 our ancestors kept the ancient barrels in the attic and, as traditions requires, at each new born was dedicated the beginning of a new set.

Thanks to the increase in the number of kegs and with the improvement of the technique from generation to generation, the family decided to turn this passion into a business, thus ACETAIA MONTALE RANGONE was born.

Our products can always claim an excellent quality, owned to the accurate selection of grapes and to the slow ageing process in historic barrels. Then are the barrels that, through the different kind of woods, age and dimension, give life to a vinegar that is capable of describing amazing colours, fragrances and flavours.

As soon as you enter our Acetaia you get wrapped around by the delicious Balsamic’s scent, as it is right here that the entire production cycle takes place, from the boiling of the musts, to the long rest and finally to the literal bottling. This is the reason we are always ready to ensure the authenticity and the excellence of our Aceto.

We offer to our clients a wide selection of products. We will continue producing our Aceto Balsamico that with its colours, density and flavours had touched first Modena, then Italy, with the goal of bringing these emotions all over the world.