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Industriestr. 39
82194 Gröbenzell
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Salzbrettl Action mit leckererem Pyramidensalz von der Pfefferbraut

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Pfefferbraut is a small, fine spice and delicatessen manufacturer from Gröbenzell in Upper Bavaria.

Who or what is Pfefferbraut?
About 1.5 years ago I turned one of my great passions into a profession and founded a spice manufactory. To turn good food into something very special, with this mantra I search the whole world for the best and most interesting spices. I love sitting for hours in front of spices, inhaling their scent and imagining what I could cook with them. In addition, I loved to refine salts with purely natural components to create a very special play of colours and / or wonderful fragrances that give the food a very special kick.

With a very special passion I burn creations for Pfefferbraut Manufaktur. My manufactory salts and peppers unite different taste worlds in technical perfection to something completely new. In addition to the extraordinary quality of the goods, I also pay great attention to the presentation and packaging. Of course, I do not use any artificial additives or flavours; the "coloured" salts are all dyed with purely natural means (such as beetroot, orange blossom, hibiscus, etc.). It is important to me to make people familiar with the basics and background of each individual spice. Therefore I taste the spices, cook my own dishes with them and then make the descriptions for the spices.

Beside the manufactory salts I offer special and rare spice specialities from all over the world in the finest and most selected quality.

Artificial additives, flavours, trickle aids, preservatives or even flavour enhancers are taboo for me!


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